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Search Engines seeing our fp2000 web site?


Search Engines seeing our fp2000 web site?

Having produced our web site in FrontPage2000 and uploaded it to the Force9 'fp server', then followed the info on creating another index.html file on their server and linking it through to the fp server, all seemed to work well.

However, after trying to submit the site to other search engines, several will not list the site because there are no META TAGS for "description" and "keywords" although I have been very active adding these to the site pages. Also some search engines have said that the <TITLE> is acceptable, but could be much more descriptive in order to get listed more widely.

The penny has dropped! They are looking at the index.html file I uploaded to the server, and not my site's actual index page, eg where the META TAGS are.

I am sure you will appreciate, that a web site without search engines (and people) looking at it, is a total waste of time!

Regards, Stuart.

For your information (if it will help), below is listed the instructions for the additional index.html page I uploaded to the server.





* Copyright (C) 1999 Charlie Hyde ( All Rights Reserved. *
* Designed by..: ChalkOutline Web Design ( *
* Script.......: Domain2Frontpage Forwarding *
* Date.........: 17/05/2000 *
* Permission is granted to use and modify this HTML however this message must be left complete and *
* in place in this file. *

<!-- Not sure how this works? follow the instructions below!

1. Above you can see the headings <TITLE> and <TITLE>. You simply need to the text between the
<title> and </title> entries above to be the title of your web site
(ie change: <title>Enter Your Domain Name Here</TITLE> to be: <TITLE></TITLE>

2. Next you can see a string of number 2's (ie 222222222), leave this line as it is! It is an empty file!

3. Further down below you should see a string of number 3's (ie 3333333333), the line below this you
just need to replace "demo.htm" with your FrontPage web address (ie replace "demo.htm"
with "" )

4. Now just save the file as index.htm and upload it to, if you need help with this
see the quick tutorial here: once this has been done

5. Once this has been done you should have no more problems so sit back and relax! ;-)


<FRAMESET ROWS="0,*" border=0 bordercolor=white>

<!-- 222222222 SEE NOTE ABOVE --><FRAME SRC="dummy.htm" NAME="DUMMY" scrolling=no>

<!-- 333333333 CHANGE THIS LINE AS ABOVE --><FRAME SRC="" NAME="Main">



<CENTER><H2>Admin Warning Message</H2></CENTER>

<P><H3><CENTER>Sorry!</H3><H4>The Browser you are using is either unable to handle Frames, or the Frames
setting has been disabled. To get the most out of this website you should either enable the Frames setting
or it might be a good idea to download a more up to date browser from either <a href="">
Netscape</a> or <a href=""/>Microsoft</a>.</h4></center>



Search Engines seeing our fp2000 web site?

Add the relevant content to the "index.html" page on the homepages server. The "head" element will then look like this:



<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="WebPressWorld,PLS Associates,PrePress,Web Press,Sheetfed Press,Paper Rewinding,Post Press,Air Bars,Unit Stacking,Press Layout,line shaft,Reconfiguring Presses,Press Gears">

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Web printing press equipment and ancillaries - Air turn bars, Bay Windows, Independent unit inch, Lever key ducts, Motorised registers, Pneumatic brakes, Pneumatic trolleys, Reel rewinders">

<META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="follow,index">


(By the way, the "modern" way of writing HTML elements is to use lower case element and attribute names, as this conforms to the latest standards, which define HTML as an XML application, and impose stricter requirements, including the use of lower case. In older HTML case is immaterial, and upper case was "traditional".)

Search Engines seeing our fp2000 web site?

:lol: task, Yo much respect!

And many thanks for your help and advice. It's always a pleasure to meet
someone who knows what they're talking about!!

And with regard to the case sensitivity, I looked in books, asked self proclaimed
experts etc, got thoroughly confused, your the first person who clearly knows what's

Just off for my daily R & R, but will add the meta tags in the morning.

Once again, many thanks,


Search Engines seeing our fp2000 web site?

If you want to be a real goodie-two-shoes, you can feed your HTML into the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Validator which will check the document for compliance with the relevant standard.

On your index.html document on the homepages server, it made several complaints, so I created a valid one for you, which you can obtain here. (Although the web page which will display will be your home page, it's using my HTML to display it, as you'll see from the location in the address bar. If you go to "View -> Source" on the toolbar, you'll be able to save it as "index.html".)

Search Engines seeing our fp2000 web site?

Cheesy Task,

SORTED! again many thanks.