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Samsung E700 Data Cable

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Registered: 18-09-2007

Samsung E700 Data Cable

I have got a Samsung E700, and i purchased a data cable for it off Ebay, but i cannot get it to work.

I have downloaded software from Samsung - this just crashes out, or says offline an will not connect.
I have downloaded software from Mobile Actions - this does nothing at all.

I am thinking that the driver maybe screwy, but really i have no idea what is going on.

The manufacturers website is, but i cannot make head nor tail of what is going on there. can someone please help?

Has anyone else got a Samsung, with a datacable from Prolific which works, if so could you send me the drivers which you use, and perhaps a link to a site where the software that you use could be downloaded?

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Samsung E700 Data Cable

try this link

it is for a mobile forum including samsung talk there is already some one on therewho has had simular problems to you and sorted it out with a link from there. i also had a problem with a data cable this morning and a quick flick through this forum told me where i was going wrong