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SQL Databases


SQL Databases

Just wondering how i set my SQL database up as i need to know the database name like my old one.
My previous SQL was tez_db_uk
How is it set up with force9 as i need to edit my scripts before i can activate them.
And i need the database id

Forgive me if this sounds strange but i cant create any tables using the online sql browser that f9 supplies as it doesnt create any thing.
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SQL Databases

If you've got any PHP enabled web space of your own download a copy of phpMyAdmin ( ), install it and configure it to point to your F9 database using the information mailed to you when it was setup.

Alternatively, if you don't have any web space, there are client tools out there e.g. which allow you to connect to MySQL databases remotely. Hope you have some luck with this.

Still don't really understand your question, but if you can get full access to your database, you might find what you need.