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SKY + Issues


SKY + Issues


I don't know if I will get any response here, but I thought I would post it anyway.

I have recently purchased SKY+ and Ihave noticed that the time on the system keeps going wrong. i.e. it loses time and will be about 15 -30 mins behind. This effects the scheduling and I believe the recording as well. I have one friend who is also getting this and wanted to see if anyone else gets it prior to my calling SKY.

I guess I am more confident that I will get a better answer from someone here rather than Sky.

SKY + Issues

I have not lost the time on mine yet, but I have had it lose all listing once. That is about the extent of my problems so far.

However, if it is losing the time, have you checked the signal strength and quality for the two receivers?

You machine is subject to the wanretee, so there is that to go on. However, as two are having the same problem, it may suggest a signal issue or installation problem.

If a phone call to Sky does not help, then i would suggest a joint letter (signed by both of you) is sent recorded delivery to Sky. This may attract the right sort of attention.

SKY + Issues

thanks for the response.

My signal is never full, always about 3/4 strength. I have received the missing linstings a few times. The time being wrong happens more often.

I think I will speak to SKY this evening and see what happens.

Both me and my friend have only recently got SKY, I wonder if it is something new.

SKY + Issues

Did you get a response from Sky?

I got Sky plus just before xmas and my time is always out by 15 mins virtually all the time - their initial response was to unplug it wait a minute then plug it back in -this works short term but it doesn't stop the problem!!!!

Just curious what response you got from them??


SKY + Issues

I had meant to update this thread too.

After your report here, I forgot to visit the local forrest and touch as much wood as possible, because it happened to me too.

Since then, I have forced updated the software on the system to see if that helped.

However, it happened again. That being said, I went to reset it before bed, as there was stuff I needed to record over night, and the clock had returned to normal.

What is more annoying that the time, is the fact it has lost all TV listings twice in that time, requiring a reset to restore them. I am unsure if time would have curred this, as I am not patient enough.

You might like a look at The Register which ran a item about the bug in Sky+, who are charging for people outside of the first year, for callours related to there problem.

As you can't stop updates being downloaded to your machine, Sky can't claim it isn't there fault, as there faults are forced upon you.

I will be writting to BskyB high level technical support soon if it happens again, seeking compensation on minute scales, but enough to rattle there cage a bit.

SKY + Issues

Thanks for everyones response to this, I too was told to reboot the system and I tried to explain that I knew this would work initially but that it would return.

Please keep your posts going on this subject as I would like to hear how we all get on. What address are you writing your letter to, I would be quite happy to follow suit and apply some pressure.

SKY + Issues

Well, it happened again last night, twice in one day, so off with a complaint for me.

My first attempts will be to address it to

High Level Complaints
British Sky Broadcasting Limited
Grant Way

For now, I won't disclose what I am sending, but will certainly update once/if I get a reply.

SKY + Issues

Quick update for you all.

Last night I had a problem with both the time and the searching for listings. I decided I was going to phone up SKY again and see what would happen. Fortunately I got a chap who had a little idea of what was going on and he informed me that this was a known issue with the latest software the SKY box is using. (at last, an admission). He informed me that he had known about this for about a month and that the programmers are currently writing new software to fix the issue and that this will eventually go through to our boxes. He could not give me a date for this to happen.

As for the searching for listings he got me re-setup the box (via the services menu) and this makes it look for the channels again from scratch. It worked and he said I should be OK. Of course I do not believe that to be the case but at least the time problem is now being looked at.

SKY + Issues

I've been thinking of getting a sky plus box for a while, but I feel rather put off by the comments here, since time keeping is one of the essential parts of it working Sad

SKY + Issues

At this point I should probably put forward a case for the defendant, as they cannot speak for themselves in this arena.

Yes it does have these little bugs and yes they are a little inconvenient. However, they are just that, a minor inconvenience. When I pay the money I pay I expect it to work perfectly. Hence the complaints.

That said, the SKY+ box and its capabilities are nothing short of life changing (that is the part of your life spent around the television). The ability to pause television is fantastic, 9 times out of 10 that then enables you to forward through the adverts if you are behind time (wonderful). The ease with which you can now record, the function that enables series record. All these things make for a great service that once you use you could not do without.

I have faith in Sky resolving the issue eventually and until then I will put up with the inconvenience mentioned above because it is still a great tool.

So back to prosecution - stay on the back of SKY because we pay the money and we deserve the perfect service!!

Please continue to report findings here.

SKY + Issues

I might add though that I find them a tad more than a inconvenience.

BSkyB also run the backend system under which the Tivo service for the UK is run. IIRC, they got this in order to licence certain aspects of the platform, in order to create Sky+.

Tivo is not the most perfect machine in the world when it comes to issues, but then neither is the well maintained computer I use. These issues are to be expected.

However, the main differance betweem Sky+ and Tivo, is that Tivo is 99.9% reliable. Sky+ right now is so bad for me, I would be computing the reliability factor by the day. I am currently if look at it, at 60% reliable. Not good.

SKY + Issues

I think I'll hold on getting sky +, at least till this issue has been resolved by a software upgrade.

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SKY + Issues

Just a quickie I would like Sky+ but; do you still have to have 2 cables from your LNB to your box. I dont want to dig a new channel through my recenly replaster living room, hate wires !!??



SKY + Issues

Unfortunaly, yes.

Due to the way in which Satelite signals work, it requires a cable for each frequency listened too.

They do a special bonded cable in some cases. It is nothing more than cable cabled glued together though, to make them a little tidier.

The one downside to Sky+ is that if you lost track of what day it was before getting it, it's a lost cause after getting it.

SKY + Issues

Yes, as far as we know you have to have two cables. One for each LNB. That is how you can record and watch different channels.

Regarding reliability and the problems quoted above, fortunately we have the original model of Sky+ tuner and don't get these problems for some strange reason. Always correct time and perfect recording.

The only problem we get from time to time is the loss of a "series link". But that is the fault of the originating channel for not puting the link within an episode.

We like Sky+. A great addition ot the Sky service.

John & Peter.