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SKY Free Broadband Movies on demand


SKY Free Broadband Movies on demand

After taking a quick look at Sky TV's website for info on HDTV, I happened to notice that Sky will provide movies on demand via broadband free to all current Sky movies subscribers. They give estimates of 120mins to download an approx 120minute movie over a 1mb connection. (This equals quite a large download)
With more services becoming available over the internet (music, telephony(inc videophone), software(including full games many gb in size), movies and possibly TV shows) from legal sources (Not P2P), I wonder how popular these services will become with ISP's introducing Fair Usage Policies and restricting download amounts.

(Its like letting a child into a sweet shop and saying "Have as much as you want....As long as it fits into this small paper bag")

A standard BT customer may only be able to watch 2-3 movies before their monthly usage allowance has been eaten up. Im pleased that F9 is more forgiving, however how long will their limits be adequate.

Seems that external services are providing more than our ISP's can make allowances for.
For ourselves, Im hoping that as time goes on our SUP limits will rise in relation to the increasing availablity to what is now provided online. The forum posts seem to indicate otherwise if you listen the the latest restrictions secretly imposed on the BB+ customers after the SUP was supposedly finalised.
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SKY Free Broadband Movies on demand

I pointed out in an earlier post about this.

Be careful, very, very careful with Sky by Broadband.

It's a P2P service (unlike your implication, a lot of P2P is very much legal).
Basically, you watch X then X is downloaded to your computer. As you decide now to watch Y then user 2 is getting X from your machine (well it's a little more complicated).

Therefore, at that time, you have downloaded 2 files (120mb) and uploaded one (120mb) so when you were watching your usage, it's 50% more than you thought!

And what makes it worse is that the P2P stuff actually starts when you boot your computer (runs in the background) so therefore, you're actually uploading all day.

Now if you leave your computer on 24x7, even if we take 10% overhead, I think you'll find yourself UPLOADING 1.25GB per day (it doesn't care about Peak Time of course). That's 8.75GB per week and 37.5GB per month. Yes, we are talking Bytes, not bits btw.

So I'm sure you get where I'm coming from. You've potentially gone over the limit without even watching anything.

Who said the answer was simple?

SKY Free Broadband Movies on demand


This is always going to be both a contencious subject & a very emotive one for all users. But I'm going to sit tight and watch with great interest what happens when the real 4/8MB's ADSL2 or MAXDSL comes on stream at some point in the next 12-18months.

I think SUP/FUP will have to be adjusted accordingly, why? do I say this because ISP's will have to change their services due to market driven conditions and so as soon as one ISP up's the anti other ISP's will probably be forced (no pun intended!! :lol: ) to follow suit. Alowences will HAVE TO RISE in relation to increased bandwidth IMO. Watch this space!!