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Require ADSL modem/router with ext. aerial recommendation


Require ADSL modem/router with ext. aerial recommendation

Can anyone a suggest a decent wireless ADSL modem + 4 port router with external aerial setup. I'm looking for something that will give me a good range with out too much expense.

Thanks in advance.


Wireless ADSL Modem

I have used Netgear Routers from the days of ISDN, in my experience they are very reliable, the latest generation support 54Mb/s transfer over the wireless link and have a 4 port switch built in. The model you want is the DG834G at about £70

Getting a good range is another issue, these devices work on short wavelengths that don't like solid objects and hate metal, mine will work from the dining room up to the bedroom above (through a timber floor) and out to the garage (about 30m of clear air) but won't go past the cooker dishwasher and microwave (all stainless steel).

The firewall is pretty good too, a fun feature on the router is the event log where, once you've set it up, you can see a constant torrent of infected PC's trying to attack your network.

Regards Kevin