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Raw Webstats - not being created?


Raw Webstats - not being created?

Hi guys

Just a quick line to say that I have notcied that the Raw Webstats have not been posted in my domains log folder as they normally are. I have raised a ticket with F9 but just thought I would let you all know in case people rely on them.

FYI the actual 'webstats' facilty does show activity on the days I trawled my sites (proof that it has been used) yet not Raw Logs have been created in the logs folder.

On another note, telneting to crofters and using VI yesterday I found two annoying issues that were not there prior to CGI change over (I think),

1. Cursor key do not now work in VI (I have to use ghjk!) - they worked b4
2. CGI code is no longer colour coded, which was dam useful!

If anyone has any suggestions on correcting points 1&2, or can suggest a much better way for me to interect with crofters I am all ears.

Many thanks