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I am just about to upgrade to 1 meg, will this change save me from having to wait whilst the modem connects to the phone line, verifying username and password and eventually registering user on networkHuh?

I hope so!

Anyone? Comments are appreciated!

Kind regards
Shaun Wilson

The full answer!!


Ah!! Yes!! good question you ask here, well the full answer is that even with ADSL at 1MB (even if you use a router or USB broadband modem) despite this your connection will still ask you to validate yourself & the connection to F9. And guess what this still involves the old fashioned method of entering your username and password.

However, the good news is that on the positive side of this scenario, with ADSL once your connection is validated and up and running thats it. For example I use a D-LInk DSL 200 ADSL USB Modem and once connected and my ADSL session is fully synchronised (i.e. data can travel across the connection) this connection session can remain in place without dropping for very long periods such as 30 days or more. If you opt for a ADSL connection and broadband router then sessions can often be even longer.

Email & web services are just there, i.e. ontap no hassle with having to connect the modem to your mail server and inbox to collect your mail. I use mailwasher & outlook and I just check my mail when I require. Yes! I could even have Outlook check for mail every few minutes. Mail could arrive instantly if I chose that method but I dont for security reasons.

**The only small danger or risk is that you end up with a stale ADSL session, which is easy to spot as my modem lights both show green but no data travels across the connection. Whilst this is not unknown or impossible it is not very often experienced. Stale sessions can quickly be sorted out though, one just has to reboot the router or modem and reconnect, this usually sorts it out.

Best Regards Ivan