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Protecting Children Online


Protecting Children Online

Not a bad idea

But how about all these cyber surfing programs to protect kids being funded by the government so that kids can get it free!!
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Protecting Children Online

Would John Reid know a "major step forward" if it bit him in, as Forrest Gump would say, "the but-tock"? Having heard him say a few months ago as his predecessor left that the Home Office was "not fit for purpose" only to find that it is performing even worse now, I think we have good reason to take everything he says with a very large pinch of salt! :lol:
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Protecting Children Online

When will parents learn that there is no simple "this is safe/that isn't safe" solution.

Any kite mark will give parents a false sense of security. In the real world we talk to our children, we give them limits on how far they can go from the house and we expect them to tell us if they want to go further and to allways tell us where they are going.

Why then do we expect children to be able to do whatever they like on the internet and still be safe. The internet is a virtual social model of the real world.

The only way for children to be safe on the internet is for parents to talk to their kids about where they go and what they do on the internet, and to talk to them about the dangers they may encounter. Just like we do in the real world.

Kite marks and government sposord scheems are just playing politics and have no real benefit other than to win a few politicians media points.


Protecting Children Online

I agree there with you, I am waiting for a laptop and router to be delivered, its a friends daughters xmas present, and I was talking to him about setting it up. Give her a bit of a talk on safety, no personal details etc.

I am going to set up a hotmail account for her, but with false details, she is only 11, but the account will be of a middle aged married woman, hopefully to deter some of these creeps. Its a wonderful world out there for kids in cyber city, but also a very dangerous one!