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Problems with all ADSLs since wed 31st.


Problems with all ADSLs since wed 31st.

I operate 20 Force 9 adsl accounts across my business.

Since last wednesday we have had dreadful performance - much of the time the sites have been disconnected or unusable. Presently we are "connected" but ping times are a joke - and around 50% of pings expire in transit.

I have attached a trace at the bottom that shows the problems are within the plus net network.

It saddens me to post this since F9 is a good concept and when it works it is excellent. However at present the service is not "fit for the purpose" and I would like to know when we could expect to be back to a reliable usable service?

I bet Im not the only one with these problems on F9 ADSL either!

I look forward to an encouraging reply.

13 30 ms 40 ms 40 ms
14 30 ms 40 ms 40 ms
15 110 ms 100 ms 100 ms
16 * 110 ms 100 ms
17 211 ms * 110 ms []
18 120 ms * * []
19 140 ms * 100 ms
20 * 150 ms 200 ms
21 140 ms 151 ms 160 ms whiteskin []

race complete.

RE: Problems with all ADSLs since wed 31st.

In our office (different account to this one), we noticed a big drop in ADSL performance last monday (29th), although it's not been that good for the last 3-4 months.