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Problems sending email & accessing websites Can anyone h


Problems sending email & accessing websites Can anyone h

I have had broadband premier for about a month , using a Voyager 105 modem. I am a relative novice with the technical aspects but l have two propblems I would appreciate help to resolve. (I have gone through the help pages but can't find anything I recognise to address this)

Firstly I can't send emails from outlook express, although I have changed the default to f9 for both incoming and outgoing email. It shows f9 as default but when I send reverts to my previous connection. I can use webmail but that means transferring every single address manually. I daren't unsubscribe to my previous ISP until this is sorted.

The other problem is that I keep losing access to websites (I get the standard message that the website is unavailable). When I check the connection it says it is active (& I can receive emails in outlook express). I need to shut down and restart to regain access to websites. This can happen every 5 minutes or so and is getting very irritating.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Thank you