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Problem with website address using Front Page server


Problem with website address using Front Page server

Hello...can anyone tell me if there is a way round this problem, apart from abandoning Front Page?

My website,, newly hosted by after being hosted in the States, opens fine with all pages working, but by having to go through the re-direction to the Front Page server, it means that any pages under now show as being under (my Front Page account with

So, for example, what used to be now resolves as The problem with this is that my pages are listed on most search engines as being under, so now none of my old www.look-hear/*.htm links will work.

Tech Support say the only way round this is not to use the Front Page server.

Does anyone have any comments? I don't want to lose my search engine links which have been establshed for years. When moving to I had no idea there would this problem