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Problem with Google?


Problem with Google?

Hi all. I seem to be having an intermitant problem with Google. Twice now I have been getting 404 Page Not Found errors when trying to access or for about 30 minutes (once tonight). If I run a tracert it is successful, so it isn't a DNS problem. will load but I can't link to any pages it returns. I can surf a variety of other sites no problem. Any ideas what can be wrong?


Replying to your Google problem/s

Sometimes I have in the past experienced similar symptoms with my machine and access to google to. Unfortunately I think you are incorrect in thinking its NOT a DNS problem. Personally I think it might well be a DNS or DNS caching problem.

You could try doing one or both of the follwing:- 1) Rebooting your machine would clear or reset your machines DNS cache and so you should then be able to reach either google sites (i.e. or

2) You could try resetting your DNS cache without a reboot by doing the following:- Start >Start Menu>Run>in the dialogue box type the follwing command (or in a DOS window at the command prompt) ipconfig /flushdns
then press enter key. This should flush or reset your DNS cache so that next time your machine tries to access google it should have no problems.

See if this works I think it should from what you have described. Best Regards
Ivan Cool

Google Problem - Update

Did some digging - it appears to be my Buffalo AirStation. :? There are entries in the logs for sites blocked due to RULES, specifically the rule that stops configuration of the AirStation by wireless clients. Quite why it stops access to Google for periods of time is beyong me though....



Hi isapon
Really glad to hear that you finaly got to the bottom of it, well done. If there is anything else I can help you with dont hesitate to ask.

Best Regards Ivan Cool