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Problem uploading referral banner


Problem uploading referral banner

I have inserted the HTML coding for one of the referral banners using Frontpage then uploaded using Ipswitch FTP program to my webpage When viewed the page shows the HTML code and not the banner itself. Where did I go wrong? The webpage in question is Can anyone help someone new to this game? Shockedops:

Problem uploading referral banner

Looking at the source of that page, what's happened is that the angle brackets (< and >) used in those HTML tags have been replaced by their HTML character entity references (&lt; for < and &gt; for >) which means the browser does not interpret them as being tags and renders them as text instead.

If you look at the source of the page with an ordinary editor, you'll see this right at the bottom. Between the line that starts "located between Oxford Road and Princess Parkway" and the one which starts "<!-- #EndEditable -->" you'll see:
Change each &lt; to < and each &gt; to > (3 occurrences of each)

You might also wish to change the single quote (apostrophe) characters to double quote (quotation mark -- the thing above the 2) characters (ie replace ' with ") within that same area (6 occurrences).

Problem uploading referral banner

FP has a habit of changing pre- written code. There are two ways around it.

1. (Taken from FP 2002 help file:

Insert HTML in the Normal pane When you edit a page in the Normal pane, you can insert HTML by using an HTML Markup component. The HTML you insert is added by using a Microsoft FrontPage web component that protects code that FrontPage might not recognize.

Important FrontPage does not verify the text or HTML you type for correctness or reformat it when the page is saved.

On the Insert menu, click Web Component.
In the left pane, click Advanced Controls.
In the right pane, double-click HTML.
Type the plain text or HTML you want to insert.

2. I cut the code I want, paste it to notepad, then cut from notepad and insert to FP, that does the trick.