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Problem, ever since upgrading to DSL...


Problem, ever since upgrading to DSL...

I've had my PC since 1999 and followed a rigorous Maintenance schendule, of a clean and defrag once a week

However, on upgrading to DSL this has been severely disrupted
Although the TaskMon will perform the basic clean and scandisk, the defrag does not proceed
I attempted to disable the DSL connection, no difference
I attempted to disable the DSL connection and disconnect the modem, no difference
I looked in the close program menu, tried everything, no difference

To perform a defrag, the only way to do so is to uninstall the AmeCSA software, and the reinstall it once the defrag is completed

Any further advice is welcome


Some Thoughts on your problem


First of all one comment that comes to mind is the fact that winodws98 was designed before the broadband technologies finally arrived & became a practical reality for most ordinary users. Secondly, whilst in theory the operating system you use (i.e. which version of windows) shouldnt make any difference to internet access in reality it might be part of the problem. I'm not saying it definately is but it could be a contributory part of the problem/s.

**Note: Microsoft recently stopped support for windows98 and you should be aware of this fact. This is part of there product development cycle and a part of trying to make most users upgrade. To windows2000 or windows XP or windows media center edition.

**The problem certainly sounds like it is directly linked to the DSL modem software. Are you certain this software IS definately written for windows98
and the win98 filing system (VFAT or FAT32) ie.AmeCSA software. If not then this also could be part of the problem. See if you can get hold of the modem software that is written for 98. Most makers hold a number of versions of the drivers or modem software written for different windows versions, or just a version that is for windows i.e. generic for windows (all versions).

Most commen modem problems are software related, or modem driver related. Yet another thought to offer you is that there is a chance that its just this specific copy or version of the software that is causing these problems. See if you can get hold of another clean copy of the AmeCSA software. Unistall the previous version/copy & install a new fresh copy and then see if the problem repeats itself. Then you would know if its just this software alone.

Also check that you have the minimum hardware requirements for a DSL connection 128ram and win98 sounds very thin for a DSL connection? You need to check this is viable.


Problem, ever since upgrading to DSL...

The software for the AmeCSA USB modem comes on on CD-ROM
It is in two versions, one for Windows 98/ME (which is the one I am using) and the other for Windows 2000/XP (which I have tried but fails, and hence never used again!)

This is from the Self-Install kit which Force9 supplied in February 2003

Unrelated, one of the splitter/filters supplied has already failed and been replaced
This caused my BT phone to become faulty, and required replacement
Force9 were very reluctant to accept it had failed, and it wasn't until two BT engineers had visited it was proven it was the splitter/filter that had blown my phone (requiring it to be replaced at a cost of nearly £15)

Replying from Ivan

Hello again,

Seasonal greetings to you, anyway I still say you need to try a fresh copy of the same software (it is entirely possible that its just this particluar copy of the modem software). But without doing this you wont know, unfortunately in situations of this kind its a process of elimination so its requires a step by step method to pin point the exact nature of the problem.

Another copy of the same software would be my own approach to the problem.

**Is your ADSL phone line only recently been installed?? I had a number of minor teething problems myself all of which did in the end get smoothed out.
I have a very high quality ADSL service from both BT & F9 with few or no problems. Its a joy & how the internet should be.


Problem, ever since upgrading to DSL...

I've checked with the Dynamode website, and the version of the Windows 98 software is the most recent

I had enough difficulty getting a new splitter/filter from F9, and the CD-ROM would be exactly the same...

I have a dedicated BT phone line (no voice calls) which was upgraded to DSL in February 2003
The equipment is all supplied from the F9 Home Self-Install kit
The problems only began when I upgraded to DSL

If I uninstall the software the defrag proceeds as it should, but this is a tiring process of uninstaling/reinstalling simply to perform a weekly defrag

As it is, I plan to replace this PC some time in 2004 as I replace a system at every 10x increase
Previous system was 386-33SLC, this is AMD 350, and so I am looking for a 3GHz system now
Equally, it will be Windows XP, so I can compare from there

Ah well, assign this PC to the scrap heap!

I've been with F9 since 1998 (when they were the only provider of fixed rate offpeak connections!)
Only recently have I been encountering problems...
I tried to upgrade from Home Surf to Home Surf (now that makes sense doesn't it!) from 25MB to 205MB of webspace, to take advantage of the php/MySQL resources
Turns out my all my previous requests have been ignored!
My activation and access to the CGI server has caused no end of problems for them either, probably because I am one of their original customers!
"4 days to activate CGI", X wrong answer, I'm at 9 days and counting, and yes they are aware of it and scratching their heads on this one...

Problem, ever since upgrading to DSL...

Easiest would be start up in safe mode to do the defrag, I do this anyway if I ever come across a win9x machine that I think needs it.

TBH I would say unless you're installing/unisnstalling creating/deleting *loads* of files, then once a week is probably a little excessive anyway.

Problem, ever since upgrading to DSL...

Thats possible if I am present, but defrag is part of a maintenance schedule (defrag disabled)

The Hard Drive on this PC is actually quite small (8GB), and the "core" is about 2GB, with about 4GB os other content which changes from week to week and becomes disorganised all over the drive, and hence slows operations down week by week to the point now that it is affecting normal operation

As it is, operation in Safe Mode is not recommended for the IBM edition of Win 98 (and thats causes me no end of problems!)