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My wife and I are expecting our second child - Our first will be 3 years old. We are looking for a Jane buggy which you can attach to our existing Jane pram - or a double pram that will hold the new born + the 3 year old. - anyone got any advice ??

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We bought a double pram when we had our second one, but they are clumsy, dont fit in the car easily and hard to get around places, so we sold it.

Does your older one walk? Why not get a buggy board , they are great for giving them a bit of a rest.


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there are some great double buggies out there that are lightweight an that are suitable form birth... although im not sure if for a lot of them 3 is the maximum age?

I guess the thing you have to think of is the size of these things. I know people whove bought one only to find it wont fit in the boot of the car... or go thru shop doorways!!! A friend of mine bought one of those where they sit one in front of the other which she found pretty good.. although a pain for turning corners in tight spots!! LOL she had this one.. Link

one of the other alternatives might be to buy one of those buggy board things that attach to a pushchair. this may be a good alternative depending on how mushc you can trust your 3 yr old... after all it wont be long before they wont want to go in the buggy. Link theres a link for buggy boards but you can buy them on Ebay cheaper Smiley

hope this helps a bit.. congratulations and good luck with the forthcoming event !!!!

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