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Possible Spyware


Possible Spyware

I keep getting what appears to be open programmes on my start bar at the bottom of the screen. Such addresses as [media47.fastclick] and other links to websites such as DELL computers. How do I stop this from happening.

I have Sygate firewall loaded but this seems to let them through.

Any help would be appreciated. :lol:

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Possible Spyware


It certainly sounds like Spyware. Have a read through the following tutorial on the Usertools site

there's some useful links to software like Ad-aware and Spybot which you can use to remove most Spyware.


Thanks for your response.

I already use Adaware and Spybot to get rid of any unwanted spyware. But this Media47.fastclick keeps comming back.

Have you any idaeas as to how I can block them in the first place?




I think you have two destinctly different problems here, 1) spyware i.e. some files or software on your actual machine currently that is loading the program in question 2) blocking such spyware in the first place as you have said.

With regards to 1) The first step in removal of such a nasty program is (assuming your using windows in some form) press Alt+Ctrl+Del to bring to Taskmanager, within taskmanager see "processes", this shows you which programs & applications are loaded into your systems memory.

Next Look down the list of process's and programs to see if you can spot the offending program or spyware or anything that looks suscipicously like it. From taskmanager, it is possible then to end or "Kill" the process or program (without tearing down the whole of windows itself). By highlighting it with the cursor then click the end process button bottom right on this page.

2) Sometimes these spyware programs make changes to the windows registry database (at the core of windows itself), or change or add settings which is why such programs run yet again even if you think you have removed them.

**Yes! update Ad-Aware with the latest definations and then see if it can find the offending program, adaware should allow you to safely & quickly remove such a program if it finds it. If this too fails then a last resort would be a manual search & removal from your system.

**Use windows search tools and look for the named program or partial file name. if you do this correctly its often quick to find to offending files which can be removed by hand or might require you to kill them first if they are actually running & open.

**If these programs have short cuts on your launch bar, highlight one of them and right click with the mouse, next select properties from the short floating menu, this should show you where this program lives on your machine, then you can manually remove them.

**The firewall side of things is a little bit tricky because if the program has added itself into the firewall programs list, then it may well have been given permissions to access the internet and also allow inbound access to your machine. If this is the case then you have to remove the offending program from the firewall programs list. In other words block or remove the permissions to such programs.

**Some Spyware,malware or adware also have uninstallers if you can find the company that makes the offending software that you may have downloaded unknowingly, diallers and bannerware often come into this catagory as do some very aggressive fake search tools that like to download themselves on to victims machines.

Hope this might be helpful?


Pal Spyware Free scanner & remover tool

Hello again,

This software claims to be able to remove spyware, it offers a free PC scanning service and free download for removal of this specific bannerware or adware. I also had a look at the advertising company concerned to see if they offer any uninstall tools but had no luck.



Thanks for the suggestion to use the spyware removal site.

As far as I can see this does not offer a free removal tool. All it did for me was to do a free scan, tell me that I had spyware but not give me any indication as to what it was, tell me that it would cost me to register and get the removal.

Can''t say that I relish the thought of letting it loose with my system if I don't know what it is going to delete

Thanks for your suggestion anyway


Hello Once again,

I have found Ad-Aware 6.0 personal edition (free for personal use) extremely effective in both detecting & in removal of such nastyware. The removal is both very fast and safe (adaware will always keep backup's just in case). Have you tried to remove using adaware 6.0 I'd be most suprised if it could be removed via this software and failing this your best bet is to undertake a manual removal (physically stop the program from using memory via taskmanager then delete the appropriate files that makes up

** is both spyware (advertising like bannerware or search tool or aggressive dialler ).

**No! there ISNT any registration involved in removal and nor is there any other magic bullet. If adaware wont remove this then you have too do it your self and learn what's required in the process.

**You should'nt have to pay anyone to remove this!

Ivan :?