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Police adopt new technology

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Registered: 04-08-2007

Police adopt new technology

Following Thursday's terrorist outrage in London, The Metropolitan
Police Service has set up a special e-mail address

The police are asking for members of the public
to send any digital images or digital video footage into them.
Anything that they may have taken on mobile phones digital cameras
etc, showing the events directly before, during or after the

I may be wrong, but I am not aware of any other forces that offer /
have offered this type of service.

See the following link for full details :-

It will be interesting to see if / how this service develops.

This could be the start of evidence by e mail. It's just a shame that
it took something like Thursdays events to begin to push the police into the digital age.

So maybe in the future, if you have some digital evidence , it wont have to be downloaded / copied or transcribed. You'll just e mail it directly to the police ............. or better still, cut out the middle man (cos they'll only lose it / mess it up /delete it) ......... and send it straight to the Judge.