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Plusnet pioneer "notquiteasbroadasitoncewas band"

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Registered: 25-06-2007

Plusnet pioneer "notquiteasbroadasitoncewas band"

Ever the front runner in the ISP stakes Plusnet has announced that it has been trialling "notquiteasbroadasitoncewas band" as a method of not investing in the network infrastructure in this country.

This is using the new ADSF technology (Almost Download Some Files) and has been tried out on unsuspecting customers over the last few months.All of them actually, just to make it fair.

The trial has been a massive success and has generated huge throughput on the servers mainly due to the volume of complaints being posted in the forum.So much so that plans to introduce ADSF2 (Almost Download Some Files 2yourcomputer) will be rolled out of the shed within the next few weeks.

Full details of this can be found in the basement of Plusnet's generator back-up supply room in Ilkleymoorbahtat,Yorkshire.

Plusnet pioneer "notquiteasbroadasitoncewas band"

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