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Plusnet is terrible!

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Plusnet is terrible!

This is my first experience with Plus net, I'm using my Dad's server to build my companies website and I've experienced nothing but complications when trying to upload my website onto Safari or the Internet and I'm getting really frustrated! The worst thing is is the buggers don't even answer you personally when you ring, they tell you to go back onto the website onto the Service help pages, but my problem is deeper than this website can help me with, so I've built a beautiful website but I can't upload it due to this Plus dot NET! Unless I get an email or phone call from them soon...I'll send them a proper complaint. Has any one else had the same problem?

Matthew Daniel

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Plusnet is terrible!

If you could provide us with a little more detail about your problem, then as a community we may be able to help you.

For example
Are you using the homepage or cgi servers?
Is your site pure html, php or frontpage? (Guess not frontpage as the Safari referance)
What ftp client are you using to up load the site?

I would also suggest changing the subject to something more reflective of your problem.


PS This is a duplicate of the following thread;