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Plusnet Virus Alerts


Plusnet Virus Alerts

It's maybe not a big issue, but today I received a batch of virus alert messages which were addressed, not to my usual f9 mailbox, but to "". I don't have an "admin" mailbox. Are these genuine messages, or is somebody up to something - and if so, what?

Alerts & Email address's


I suspect that these notification messages have been automatically generated by the anti virus service which is enabled on your account, and probably sent out to all named users and also postmaster or admins for all user accounts.

I dont think there is anything to be worried about, it does of course indicate that the virus service is working for you, & capturing viruses that are currently around so protecting you and your own machine.

**Proof that the AV service is doing its job if you like.

**NOTE: each F9 user has a "catchall account" which is the users primary email account /mailbox & each account usually has a special postamaster address such as A user (you or me!) can then also have anything you like before the @ symbol in the mail address, so you for example could have if you ran a chess club or etc etc. And mail would still be captured by your catchall account no matter what is before the @ symbol in the address. Thence still reaches you!! hope that makes it clearer for you?


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