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Plusnet 4mb/8mb service??


Plusnet 4mb/8mb service??

Hi, i wonder if any1 can help me.
I upgraded earlier this year from 512kb to 4mb even though 4mb was not out at the time but i was told it wouldnt be long, i then was told towards the end of 2005 and i now hear its goin to be april!
Does anyone know if it will get here before then?

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Plusnet 4mb/8mb service??

BT's current plan is for general rollout of a >2Mbs service from April 2005. Between now and April, an extended trial is occuring on a few selected exchanges and some PN customers have been included in the trial so far. As we get nearer to April, more and more exchanges will be included and thus more and more PlusNet customers will get the faster speeds.

Whether you will get a faster speed before April depends on whether your exchange will be included in the current or future trail exchanges (only BT know this and won't release the details to far ahead of time). If you do get included then PlusNet will contact you, you cannot force the issue or ask to be included in the trial, that is determined by BT alone.

Also you line condition will ultimately determin if you can get a faster speed. If your line is not good enough, you may be stuck on 2Mbs or lower until the technology of ADSL allows faster speeds on lower quality lines, and that is many years off.

Finally, according t the latest announcement by PN, if you can't get the faster speed you will get a refund of the additional payments you have made, but this won't happen until after April and then only when BT reject your upgrade due to line condition.

All you can do is wait and see.