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PlusNet PLC


PlusNet PLC

PlusNet PLC release their (Edit: interim) figures on the 1st August. No reported profit warnings that I have seen, but we will find out on Tuesday.

These figures may well also tell us what their churn rate is. Ought to be interesting.

After the outburst of their marketing director on adslguide, and the departure of another director as detailed in an email from them recently (was it today's?) you have to wonder if top level management think they have nothing to lose, since the end is nigh anyway.

Now that both Sky and CPW are giving away broadband for free, it can only be a matter of time before the minnows get bought up or just disappear.
Personally, I don't mind paying for something if I get a service. At the moment, I don't get much of one from PlusNet, so the free alternatives look attractive in comparison.

Interesting times ahead I think.
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PlusNet PLC

The general forum is for non PlusNet related off topic discussions. There are plenty of threads in Community Support already discussing the points raised in this thread, as such I'm locking this.