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Planned ADSL Maintenance


Planned ADSL Maintenance

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you of maintenance planned to take place on our network between 3AM and 6AM on Thursday the 23rd January. This work is likely to cause severe disruption to our ADSL service during these times.

The work taking place will provide significant improvements on our ADSL platform, and was initially announced by our Network manager last week. We will be performing three primary tasks at this time:

1. Installation of our second Redback SMS 10000. This work was originally planned for before Christmas but delayed due to problems with the delivery of the hardware. A second Redback not only means we have redundancy in the event of hardware failure, but that we can ensure we have the capacity to maintain our growth in subscribers.

2. Migration of our BT managed "Classic" 155MB pipe onto the Redback SMS platform. Users on the realms, and should see an improvement in service, especially at busy times as a result of this move.

3. We will be upgrading the capacity of our existing core routers and Redback termination equipment to ensure a higher bandwidth throughput can be achieved from our DSL platform onto our network infrastructure.

Combined with the recent announcement of price cuts to our DSL products we are confident that following this work we will not only offer the best value ADSL products available in the UK, but also the fastest and most stable. The upgrades will also allow for future expansion of other services, including the migration of our Un-metered dial platform. This will enable us to offer improved service management along with additional features, such as 128K support for ISDN customers.

We would like to thank our customers for their patience during this work.

Kind Regards,
PlusNet Customer Support