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Perl and Cron...


Perl and Cron...

Hi all.
I wonder if you can help me...

I'm trying to run a perl file to copy some XML files from a site to my CGI area.

The crontab entry i have entrered is

0 9 * * * /files/home2/stuhome/xml/

within that perl file it specifies the full path (as above) to save the files to but when it runs all I get in my email is
/files/home2/stuhome/ permission denied

If I logon to the CGI server via TelNet and run the file myself it runs successfully.

So... I have a couple of questions.

1) am I using the correct path for a Perl file?
2) does the Perl file need to be in the cgi-bin directory?
3) am I just missing something completely?
4) does the Crontab "user" have write access?

Thanks very much for your help.
This is what the site the job is for.... This is for this site PC Format BOINC


Perl and Cron...

I usually use
/usr/bin/perl /files/homex/username/
in Cron Jobs, you could try that?