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Paul Graham


Paul Graham

I've just spent an hour wandering around when I should have been working. It's sjkirky's fault - he posted a link to some anti-spam work that Paul's involved in.

This man has a bewilderingly broad and deep understanding of programming, mathematics, human behaviour, art and, er, life, and if you spend half an hour or more on his site either your head will melt or you'll want to give it all up and cross the Atlantic to study at his feet. Or you might just be a little bored, but it's your loss!

p.s. Hmm... now why haven't those url tags worked?
p.p.s Because I missed out the "//"! (Thanks, Task)


Hi Bigjon,

I thought the site you had recommended was going to be one of those site's fully of utter rubbish (call me cynical?!! who me!!) but Ihave to say Thank You! as I was extremely pleased and quite impressed by Pauls article on Spam, as its a subject I've looked into with some care and at some depth.

I will certainly be making other friends & contacts know about this site, so thanks once again.

Best Regards Ivan :-)

Paul Graham

Glad you liked it, Ivan. Having delved a little deeper I now get the feeling that I should learn LISP, although I have no use for it at all! Smiley