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Path names


Path names

I am playing about with a guestbook. The "guestbook.html" file resides in my htdocs directory. The associated "guestbook.cgi" file is in my cgi-bin directory.

The "guestbook.cgi" file requires me to provide the system location of my "guestbook.html" file.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone would let me know what the path name is. :?:

RE: Path names

Hi kenbills,

I'm not sure whether anything changed when the new cgi system was brought in but it never used to be possible to refer by path names from one to the other.

The simplest workaround is to put the .html file in your cgi webspace and so the path (from the cgi-bin directory) becomes ../guestbook.html (note the two dots to take you up a level in the tree).

The downside of the above is that wherever you link to guestbook.html on your webpage you need to use a full URL (ie http://cgi.<username> as opposed to just a relative path to the file.

Hope that helps you.


Path names

Hello Gavin,

Thanks for your reply. I think you have shed some light on things for me.

If I understand you correctly, in "index.html" , or some other file, located at, I need to include a link to "guestbook.html" located in a folder at and all other files associated with the guestbook must be located on the cgi server?

In other words, it is not possible to pass data remotely between the www and cgi servers?

As you will no doubt realise, my knowledge of internet matters is rather rudimentary.


RE: Path names

Hi Ken,

In essence you're right.

There are a number of options and which is right for you will depend on what else you have on your site and your guestbook script.

There is no reason an html file in your www space can't call a script in your cgi space and pass data to it, it all depends on the script.

If you're going to use a lot of scripted pages (php or perl) then you may be better off hosting the whole site on your cgi space and asking support to change your domain to point at it. (There is a ticket type in contact us for just this purpose).

It may be possible to have www.domain.tld set to point to your www space and cgi.domain.tld to your cgi space, which would mean all cross references still indluded your domain name.

There are others on these forums much more experienced that me in these matters, I'm sure there'll be some easier ideas...