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Pam Ayres-- Political Commentator

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Registered: 03-08-2007

Pam Ayres-- Political Commentator

From the Telegraph (no I don't read it!)

I am ready Mr Prescott

I am ready Mr Prescott
You can take me in your arms
All these years I've waited
To experience your charms
So fling aside your trousers
I hope they're quick release
For all that hanky panky's
Made you clinically obese

I like a man of substance
I like a man of size
Especially when I'm measuring
The bags beneath their eyes
If anyone insulted me
I have no doubt at all
You'd leap to my defence
And punch the blighter through the wall

I like you Mr Prescott
A constant watch I keep
To see you on TV
Sat next to Tony, fast asleep
So I'm waiting Mr Prescott
My toothbrush in my bag
To see your chiselled jaw
Behind the wheel of either jag

A man like you is dangerous
A man like you is trouble
Just like a row of houses
You demolished me to rubble
With one hand on the tiller
As steady as a rock
And the other disappearing up the secretary's frock