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PPP: Public Private Predicament?

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PPP: Public Private Predicament?

I just spotted the headlines on PlusNet's news feed on the portal home page... another tube derailment, within 48 hours of the last one. Apparently, both lines that had the derailments were under the control of Jarvis, the company deemed responsible for Potters Bar (which I happen to live near to). So, is this government-initiated PPP thing a good idea? Or is it a total disaster? IMHO it should never have gone ahead... I'd have thought the government would have learnt from what happened when British Rail was privatised.

Oh well.

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PPP: Public Private Predicament?

Jarvis have been working on the railways as a subcontracter for years, look at other non privatised areas, the government often use 'specialist' contractors. For instance if a new school is to be built a private company would be contracted.

One other point is Jarvis announced last week that they are pulling out of the railways business to concentrate on things they are better at, Network rail will be taking the tasks of track maintainance 'in house'.


PPP: Public Private Predicament?

The theory behind privatisation is good, but I don't see how it can ever work. Profit being the over riding factor and purpose in any private industry. On the other hand in nationalised industry there is always going to be extreme waste of public money as no one is accountable except the top man or minister for said industry. I suppose the big question is, What price a human life? I guess industry has a formula for calculating this and will not spend above this limit. I don't use the tube or trains, but if I did I would not feel at all safe

PPP: Public Private Predicament?

I for one am glad Jarvis has pulled out of certain areas. Living in Merseyside, our track used to be maintained by them, and while they Merseyrail system is one of the reast complex you would find, it still amkes you wonder.

Privatisation is both good and bad.

In theory, it is suposed to lighten the load and spread it between contractors. This makes things cheaper.

However, at the same time, contractors are picked on the "Lowest bidder" basis.