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PN Employee Makes the BBC site!


PN Employee Makes the BBC site!

And now for something completely different!....
(apologies if someone has posted anything about this before!)

It is nice, for once, to see a positive news story featuring a PlusNet employee.

BBC LINK to story

It is not a direct story (something about the regeneration of Sheffield) but it features photos and a link to a PlusNet employee's FlickR site. Unfortunately I can't post his name, which is a shame (forum rules). But if you go to the right of the BBC page and the "Related Internet Links" you will find a link to "[PN Emloyee] Pictures of Sheffield" site.

Link to the new PlusNet towers

There are some good and interesting photos of around Sheffield. Really enjoyed browsing them earlier. I love the Peak District and have been a couple of times this year to go climbing. I have only been to the outskirts of Sheffield a few times (for a wonderful curry). And the first part of Sheffield I see when comming over the hill is a couple of tower blocks which doesn't make it attractive to be honest! But the photo's really put a different side to the City. Well worth a look!

Well done on making the BBC site and thanks for sharing the photos with the world! It is nice to see some people's interests outside of work as it must get a little depressing sometimes with what is happening lately. Hopefully someone there may even buy you some cakes on Friday Smiley


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PN Employee Makes the BBC site!


Thanks Lee.
If I ever need a publicist - you've got the job mate!

Mark Cheesy