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Hi Guys

I wonder if any of you folks can help me. I have tried Support but they won't even look at anything involving PHP.

Before we switched to the new CCGI servers, I had a working PHP script that managed my photos. It logged into the server and issued an FTP LIST command to get a list of the directories and files in the current remote directory. I could then navigate up and down the remote directory structure, dynamically creating URLs to point at my photos.

After CCGI was introduced, this stopped working - the list is always empty - which obviously broke my application.

I have read that this is because of a restriction caused by the server being configured this way for 'security reasons'.

I have asked support a while back to look at turning this restriction off, so my PHP script will work the same as it did before, but they won't even look at the problem because it involves PHP scripting which they don't support.

Any ideas how I might get past this 'no PHP' barrier with support, or does anyone have a similar application using FTP or some other technology that works ?


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I'm not entirely sure what it is you're trying to do, my knowledge of PHP isn't all that great. I know that CSC aren't trained in PHP or any form of scripting like this so aren't able to offer support other than if the problem is with the CGI servers themselves. There's no way of changing the config on an individual basis so if the reason is down to security then it isn't going to be something that we can change.

If you can post a bit more detail on what the script is supposed to do or what you would like it to do then maybe I cna make a suggestion.