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PHP - That old chestnut..


PHP - That old chestnut..

Hi there,

Sorry, I know this has been covered before but after reading many posts I still can't seem to get a definitive answer... so...

I just rebuilt my website entirely in PHP. Are we still unable to put .php scripts in the homepages server? If not does that mean that my homepage will be: ?

If so, that's quite annoying... How have other customers dealt with this?


PHP - That old chestnut..

No if you put all of your site on the cgi server it will be as the url needed to access it. Assuming that your index page is in the cgi root directory.

Also note that php pages should be put outside of the cgi-bin directory

PHP - That old chestnut..

If you have a domain name (i.e. access your website as instead of, then you can use the F9 Portal configuration page Domain names to redirect your domain name to your webspace.

If not, the alternative seems to be using and index page on your webspace to either redirect to or use a frameset (which isn't to friendly and may fall foul of cross-site scripting issues in some browsers).