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PCI modems - a problem (discuss)

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PCI modems - a problem (discuss)

Here we go again. I'm sorry this is so boring for everyone else Shockedops:

Once again I'm having problems connecting at times. I don't want to pay BT for a line check only to be told "we only guarantee voice and fax not data", but I spoke to a FOL helpline guy last night who said that the problem may lie with my PCI modem.

He said that he'd also had a PCI modem and there were issues with it, which sounded very similar to my problems i.e. sometimes connecting and sometimes not for no obvious reason. His short term get around was to uninstall and then re-install the drivers, but ultimately to get a USB modem or a router.

The FOL guy sounded very good and was very helpful, and I wouldn't want to suggest he's wrong, but this is about the third possible reason I've been given by different "experts", and I haven't heard of this issue before. Is this something anyone else has heard of?

I've had year and a half's loyal service from my modem and wouldn't want to change it unnecessarily, because of 3 month's grief :?

Second question - If I do reinstall the drivers - Do I use PPPoE or PPPoA? I can never remember, and of course the instructions for installation were carefully put away in a safe place, therefore they will only ever be found when I don't need them Tongue