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Oxfam needs your signature to help Make Poverty History


Oxfam needs your signature to help Make Poverty History

Oxfam needs your help in their continuing drive to Make Poverty History. They need 1 million names in 100 days to take to the world leaders to show the level of support to their cause. See the Guardian article below.

800 million people do not get enough food to eat and 500 million are chronically malnourished.

Please take one minute of your time to sign Oxfam's online pledge here:

Please forward the link to your friends and help end the blight of extreme poverty in the world.

Oxfam in drive to find 1m new supporters

Paul Lewis
Wednesday December 28, 2005

Oxfam launched the most ambitious campaign for support in its 63-year history yesterday, aiming to secure 1 million new registered backers of the charity in just 100 days.
The "I'm in" drive, which will ask members of the public to donate, volunteer or campaign against poverty worldwide, will combine television advertisements with text message technology to garner registered pledges of support.

The organisation will then contact supporters to arrange for them to provide tangible assistance.

If successful the campaign will triple Oxfam's support base - which currently stands at 500,000.

The charity's call for support comes at the end of a year which saw record levels of public support for the Asian tsunami relief effort, and 7 million people wearing white bands to pledge their commitment to the Make Poverty History campaign, of which Oxfam was a founding member.
Adrian Lovett, the campaigns director for Oxfam, said he hoped the effort would benefit from the momentum that the campaign against global inequality achieved over the past year.

"We're trying to harness the energy and enthusiasm that the campaign against global poverty achieved in 2005," he said. "We found that 2005 was the first year it became acceptable to speak about global poverty at the pub or at the school gate."

"This is the biggest target we have ever set ourselves but we know that there will be up to 10 million people in the UK who believe that world poverty can be overcome, so getting 1 million to sign-up is an achievable aim."

From yesterday morning Oxfam began receiving text and email messages reading "I'm in" from individuals committing their support.

Oxfam is the biggest development charity in the UK, operating in more than 70 countries worldwide to offer emergency relief, long-term development and campaigns against poverty.