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Outpost firewall won't un-install

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Outpost firewall won't un-install

I installed Outpost firewall yesterday on my laptop, it asked for permission for MSN Messenger to access the internet, but there after nothing else, from then on it wouldn't let me connect to the internet, it didn't ask me to allow anything, nor did it give me an option to allow programs such as my browser in its tools section.

When I tried to un-install it, I got the error message that an UNINSTALL LOG FILE IS CORRUPT, I tried to do a system restore on XP but that didn't solve the problem.

I've disabled Outpost by using Winpatrol which has removed all signs of Outpost running, but I still can't access the internet other then MSN Messenger.

I downloaded Zonealarm to use instead, but when i tried to instll that it wouldn't because it said Outpost was already installed and they would conflict.

Its a free version of Outpost, so no product backup there, is there any other way round it.



Outpost problems Replying Ivan

Hello Robert,

I think from what you've explained in your posting, you actually have two problems 1) sounds like you have an active MSN messenger service still running on windows (via outpost) 2) Outpost is still loaded into your machines memory and is also running as a windows background service.

**How to resolve both problems:- you need to stop both the MSN Messenger service and also Outpost service from running. One way you can do this in windows (win2K or XP) is Ctrl + Alt +DEL and then from the menu options select Task Manager. YOu should see either Applications Running (then end task) or windows processes running on your system, look down the list of loaded items to see if you can find both MSN Messenger (NOT To be confused with the windows messenger service which IS different) and Outpost, only Kill the items that you are sure relate to MS Messanger & Outpost process's.

**Next after you have stopped MSN & Outpost, you should be able to safely remove outpost from control panel add/remove programs. However if the original installer of outpost got dmaged in some way (or the required log file) you might still encounter difficulties removing it in the normal manner. Only as a complete last resort should you resort to manual removal.

**If you want to disable MSN Messanger permanently then this can be done too, but there again you might still want to use it.

**ZoneAlarm is a better software firewall in my opinion, I am abit biased though I have to warn you. I have been using ZoneAlarm for atleast 5 years now and its a very good product and its reasonably user friendly I think. Anyway the version I have has never ever failed me in all those years.

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Posts: 96
Registered: 30-07-2007

Outpost firewall won't un-install

Thanks for your help Ivan, i shall try that later when i've finished the ironing Wink

I've already downloaded Zonealarm, don't know why I installed Outpost over Zonealarm :shock: