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Outlook email Gremlins


Outlook email Gremlins

I am connected to F9 Broadband via a BT Voyager 100 modem

I have set my outlook 2002 up as per instructions from F9 and do not seem to be able to send or recieve email. I get the message unable to connect to server. If I use Outlook Express to send/ receive emails ther is no problem. Just with Outlook. I use Windows XP and IE6

If I am already connected to Internet and click on the mail Icon in IE toolbar then it goes to Outlook screen and lo and behold It works!! But I want to send and get my emails from when I open Outlook without first being connected to the net.

I use sygate firewall but Outlook Express works with it on or off so I assume it cannot be that.

In Email Connections the line "connect using my Local Area Network is ticked . This seems to have been the preference automatically chosen by the system. Why not have "connect using my phone line" ticked instead.

Support at F9 don't seem to be able to help.

So if anyone out there can help I would appreciate some input as I am about to ditch F9 and go back to AOL and I don't realy want to have to.


Re: Outlook email Gremlins

I am already connected to Internet and click on the mail Icon in IE toolbar then it goes to Outlook screen and lo and behold It works!! But I want to send and get my emails from when I open Outlook without first being connected to the net.

I'm not really sure what you are getting at, but you have to be connected to the internet to send and receive emails. I don't want to sound pedantic, but how would you send/ receive them if you were not online?



Outlook email Gremlins

I would imagine whether you need the LAN or a dial up option depends on how your ADSL modem represents itself to your PC. If it appears as a LAN device, then the LAN option is correct, and you need to ensure your LAN settings are appropriate to route the traffic to the modem; if as a dial-up device, then you need to select the corresponding dial-up connection setting. It's more likely to be a dial-up device, I reckon. You could look in Internet Explorer's Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections to see what's selected there and match it in your Outlook settings.

Within Outlook


I suspect that what you need to do here is open up outlook and then goto (from the menu), select TOOLS,ACCOUNTS, See INTERNET ACCOUNTS, your broadband account/connection should be listed here (despite being via ethernet connection via cable or via a USB modem), the internet connection should be displayed here. If NOT then I suspect this is part of your problem, again if the BB connection is NOT shown you need to add this here. there is a button to add your connection on this page.

**Also be aware (and this does catch alot of people out !! IE6 & Outlook Express come as part of a combined MS package i.e. linked together via such things as security related settings, so if you change IE6 settings it can also affect OE6. Dont ask me why MS have done this as I dont know either, its just one of those MS things!!

**I use Outlook 2002 & IE6 in combination with my ADSL connection and I have never had any problems of the kind you described.

Hope this might help? :lol:


Further on email client


A further to the above comment is that if you DONT like and DONT want to use Outlook Express you could remove the internet connect from the accounts settings page from with OE and that way your connection will only use Outlook and your internet connection once you have added it as above. In other words remove the internet connection from OE and add it too Outlook this should work fine once you've done this correctly.


re e-mail and outlook express

I apologise because I cannot help with your problem -- dvje in fact I can only offer my own annoying problem and that is whenever I try to check on my own mail input, with Outlook express.... whil'st connected to the 'net' via B.T voyager. and of course as a Force9 net subsciber.. . my broadband connection fails , and consequently I can read, but not send any e-mails.. I use Firefox in place of Internet Explorer.. It would seem that B.T will not allow this usage . or I suppose really , alterations somewhere are called for any sound suggestion greatly appreciated best wishes
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re e-mail and outlook express

I endorse vinroberts comment and would take it further. I use Thunderbird as my email client and wouldn't even consider using Outlook in any guise. I value my systems security too much for that.

Installation and set up of Thunderbird is a doddle and the additional facilities in it (tabbed browsing, load of extensions and a very good spam detection facility) more than make up for the lack of the calendar in Outlook.

Have a look at it at

If you need help on setup or anything give me a call.