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Outlook button to foward to Force9 spam


Outlook button to foward to Force9 spam

Is there anyway of creating a button in outlook that will forward 1or more emails to my force9 spam account?

Thanks in advance

Outlook spam


Oh! I wish my freind I wish!! :lol:

Outlook button to foward to Force9 spam

I use Evolution to do this, but you cant get that on windows

VOTE for the void for spam!!

Hi Antony,

I use a program called Mailwasher Pro which is perhaps one of the best anti spam tools I've come across. Mailwasher allows me to bounce back spam to sender but this is largely a waste of time as spammers are notorious for faking or spoofing the "from" email address, which means if I try bouncing the spam it only comes back later saying address or domain unknown.

However, what I would really like and I have been asking F9 Plusnet for this for ages now (but sadly not a flicker of interest from F9 Plusnet) is a means bye which I can bounce spam into F9's blackhole email address (yes! this real does exsist) so that spam,junk, adverts,etc,etc would never come back once redirected to this address. If this was made possible then I think it would be fantastic as 1) you the user wouldnt have to constantly receive the rubbish into your in box 2) as it would be sent into a balckhole it wouldnt ever come back to you. 3) this would save huge amounts of network traffic from bouncing spam that would be returned to the sender 4) as fast as the spammers could dole out the crap (spam) we could balckhole it and so in the end perhaps!! perhaps the sapmmers would go else where?

**There you go 4 good reasons to ask F9 Plusnet to be able to void spam, NOT that they will listen of course!! But one tries you know!

:lol: Ivan