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Outlook Express overload problem!

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Outlook Express overload problem!


Can any technical wizards out there help me with an Outlook Express problem (OE6)? I use a PC with Windows 98 which was rebuilt last year with bigger processor etc.

My Sent Items folder is getting so full (several 1000 ... ahem), I'm beginning get "cannot open sent items folder" messages from OE, suggesting low system resources/memory.

Thing is I have to keep almost all sent items since I rarely print anything out these days and need to keep a record of everything I've sent. I have never worked out if I can archive sent items so that they can be easily retrieved for reference.

I've made sub-folders within Sent Items and move big batches of sent emails to these folders every 6-12 months or so.

I know that OE is a database-based bit of software, but don't really understand how it functions. Does making sub folders help distribute the burden, for example?

I may start getting the problem with other OE folders soon, so does anyone have any advice for me?