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Opinions wanted on website


Opinions wanted on website

Hi All,

I have recently started developing a website which is NON-Profitable. It is about one of my interests and would like to know what you think.
The guestbook works ok so if you would leave your comments etc via that I would be grateful.

All the best Tom

Opinions wanted on website

Good website and nice bikes. Smiley

Im a Fireblade man myself Cheesy
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Opinions wanted on website

Well, I don't know about bikes, but the site is pretty good. Wink If you'll allow me to be critical though, I would personally change two things...add a margin between the main content and the black border around it, and use a slightly more interesting table border style for things like your bike specs. Otherwise, as I say, it's nice... I like the colours and the simple layout.

Edit: I'm locking this thread, as I have discovered a duplicate here. Please don't cross-post.