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Opinions Please: BT or Force9?


Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

My brother is thinking of upgrading his Broadband at home and is set on getting BT.
I use force9 at work and i must say im pleased with it, dont get any problems, a good connection and the service is good.
Im thinking of purchasing this new 'Easy Start' for him with Force9, but he is still thinking about BT.
So if anyone would like to let me know their opinions then go ahead, is Force9 for residiental customers good?


Re: Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

You don't waste your time, Adam! When I logged on "bridgesltd" was displayed as the "newest registered user", but you'd already posted on the forum! I haven't seen that before!

So if anyone would like to let me know their opinions then go ahead, is Force9 for residiental customers good?

I've been with Force9 for quite a while -- I think I signed up with them soon after they opened for business -- and either I'm a docile customer, too lazy to change, or I haven't had much to complain about. Not having used any other ISP, I can't offer comparisons from practical experience, but, as far as I can see, Force9 / PlusNet offers pretty much optimum value for money, with a good range of services and flexible configuration options which meet my needs. There may be one or two ISPs which provide better this or better that from time to time, but Force9 seems to be up there with the best on the indicators I've seen (eg at ADSLGuide's ISP Comparison service) and does it at a price which is hard to beat.

Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

Yes I have been with one of the other parts of F9 for a few years now (Plusnet) but all the facilities are the same.
In fact I'm certain its the same servers.
The extra you get with the F9 account are far better than anything offered by BT, and I used to work for BT for 32 years Cry
Very few grumbles about F9 so convince him to go for it and to quote you for getting the referal discount Wink
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Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

Hi chaps!

I thought I'd just add to the previous replies by also confirming that I too have been with Force9 for quite some time like the other members above.

You will find that various other companies crawl out of the woodwork offering superb packages, more often than not they don't last that long. PlusNet keep an eye on all the competition and seem to make changes as they see fit.

Please take all of the services into consideration before committing yourself with anyone else. Pound for pound / Value for money - Even though I myself have had various problems with PlusNet I don't think that the service has been any different to that you would expect from anyone else - If anything better.

I would go as far as to say PlusNet / Force9 is certainly one of / if not the best ISP overall.

Tongue PS: I have no affiliation with PlusNet - I just see value for money! Tongue

I'd Like to add a positive note too!!

Like other people in the above threads, I'd like to say that I have been an F9 or plusnet customer for close on 5 years now and I think F9 is bye and large a good ISP. I started out with a basic dialup modem service & upgraded to an ADSL account about a year ago. The broadband service is excellent, for example my system runs 24/7 and I've just had my longest uptime ever at 20 days of continuos connectivity (thats 20 days without a single dropped ADSL connection).

I very much like the F9 portal and its a great improvement on the previous offerings. Yes! to take all the services that seem appropriate to your needs.
I think F9 is good value for money and I think you would be hard pushed to get a substantially better deal from another ISP. (No! I dont work for F9 either,Im just an ordinary user).

I have seen friends & other companies use other ISP's and I've seen horrendious problems & dreadful quality customer care & terrible internet services ontop. I've stuck with F9 precisely because I've seen such horrors.

Best Regards Ivan

Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

sounds good, my biggest use for Broadband would be online gaming, and as Force9 host a few game servers that should result in a good ping on their servers.

Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

might want to take a look at



Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

after using freeserve for a couple of years (dialup) i decided to upgrade to adsl after positive feedback from family members i chose F9. The biggest advantage F9 have over most of the competition is that they offer local rate customer service and they offer very competitive prices for the connection

Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

I used Freeserve almost since they first started. I started on pay as you go, then off peak and finally anytime. When I decided to move to ADSL I looked around and found I could get an ADSL service from F9 for little more than I was paying for Freeserve Anytime.

Since I've been with them I've had no complaints. The service has been reliable and although I've not used either I do prefer the idea of local rate support rather than 50p per minute. I have used the F9 portal to raise a problem and that was dealt with through the portal. With Freeserve any e-mail to support always got the response that it was too difficult to deal with in e-mail please phone (@ 50p/min).

Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

I've been with F9 for nearly a year now and I find the ADSL pruduct superb - no complaints whatsoever

apalling service


Our company has been with force9 ADSL for a number of years. When it works fine it works fine. Their main problem is that the support is apalling. You raise a ticket and a number of hours later they respond with asinine questions. We currently have an ADSL down and they are pointing the finger at BT and BT are pointing the finger at Force9.

This is now our third or fourth working day where we have been down.

Baically yes its cheap, and you get what you pay for. When it goes down, expect a week before it's back up.

-Marc Teale

Opinions Please: BT or Force9?

Well I have been with F9 for 5/6 years. Generally there supply is fair. I have used iSDN for the last two years and that has proved to be OK although the price is the problem but that is everyone not just F9. However I agree with Marc. The service is not good. Every time, without fail, that I have a problem there has never been a simple answer. Some things have never been answered. I am in the process of going over to DSL. It has gone back and forth to BT and I am now waiting for a reply on the latest escalation. I have even been out and purchased a second router to prove it was not my incompetence (I am in IT!).

I know this is/could be a BT problem. But it took two days to inform BT after I told them for the third or fourth time that it still did not work. I could be three or four days further into the problem and or fix by now. So why am still with them. Two reasons. I am lazy. Plus my aunt, who live 200 miles away, has one of my mail boxes and I would have to fix that to move. Otherwise I think it would have been bulldog for the DSL. When it works F9 are great. When it stops working F9 are cold and slow to resolve issues. - I could have passed F9 on to a lot of people now and gained from the referrals but until there support improves I will not do so.


Force9 v BT

I'm right on the edge of the service area for my exchange, but my neighbour has had broadband for some time. I applied for Force9 broadband in June, but "BT Wholesale" turned down the application on the grounds of line quality. I couldn't get F9 to fight the case properly, so eventually re-applied through BT Broadband, and got connected. I then cancelled within the 14-day cooling-off period, and re-applied via F9 - this time it got connected ok.

In use, there seems to be no difference between the two, but F9 is a lot cheaper per month (although BT offer cheaper connection and a month's free rental).

In summary, Force9 are good and cheap, but not so good at sorting out problems. BT are excellent, but expensive.

Dave Willis - Solihull, West Midlands.