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On the scrounge....for charity


On the scrounge....for charity

Our charity as well as working for Welsh Ambulance, also covers various events for first aid cover.

One of these a few times a year is cycle racing.. and we use the CB radio system to communicate between the various chase/pace and first aid cars.

I was wondering/hoping if anyone here has a "working" second hand 80 channel CB radio that they no longer use and might wish to donate. I am not asking all shiny n new and stuff (although I wouldnt say no lol) anything as long as its working. I have been donated some older 27/81 rigs, but it seems that the older the rig, the less reliable, these 4 have problems that wont let them work properly, so they are going put aside til they can be repaired/replaced.

If you can, it would be appreciated, and of course any donations would be acknowledged, thanks


On the scrounge....for charity