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Oh Boy TV show


Oh Boy TV show

Having run out of ideas on where else to look, I wonder if anyone out there has any information on the LP/CD that was issued of a soundtrack to one one of the 'Oh Boy' TV shows?

I know one was issued, but can I find info, like heck!

For those to young to remember real television, it was a live Rock show on ITV, produced by Jack Good around the same time as '6 5 Special on BBC, Juke Box Jury and television closed at 11PM and started around lunch time - and yes, colour didn't exist!

Norman (old enough to know better!!)
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RE: Oh Boy TV show

I'm too young to remember the show, but I did some searching for you.

There is an 'Oh Boy!' website here: -

and your can buy the record from here: -

RE: Oh Boy TV show

Many thanks. I keep telling my wife that all information is available on the 'net, and you have proved me right. (she hates my taste in music, I just love the 'Cliff' live album issued in 1959!!)
Once again, many thanks