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(Not So) Easy Start from F9


(Not So) Easy Start from F9

Received mine yesterday, but have ben unable to connect. When first loaded hardware/software and tried to connect, got Error Message 'No Dial Tone'. When looked at modem settings etc, the only one available was the internal modem. So, I unistalled this, unistalled ADSL, and the reinstalled ADSL 9as was led to believe that there may be a driver problem with XP). This time got Error Message 'Connection could not be established becasue modem not found/busy'. Again, it is trying to use the internal PC modem, and there is no sign of the ADSL modem in the settings. Has anyone seen this before, or can suggest a possible solution?

Dump the modem

You should open "Tools > Internet Options" from the browser, and on the Connections tab, select "Never dial a connection". That will take your dial-up modem out of the equation.

You don't see your Broadband modem in the list, because it's not really a modem ("modulator / demodulator") - instead, it's an adaptor which routes the data between the ADSL line and the p.c. It's always connected, or should be, if it's set up correctly.

Hope that helps,
Dave Willis, Solihull