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Norton internet security 2005


Norton internet security 2005

Does anyone know of a simple way to of uninstalling Norton Internet Security 2005? Do any of the uninstall packages work?


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Norton Removal Ivan

Hello Esrun,

First of all, many Symantec and especially NORTON products can be difficult or even problematic to uninstall. NOTE: if you follow some simple steps you shouldnt have any problems with uninstalling norton security suite. You have to make sure that the program is fully closed and that no elements of the program are still running in memory or as a background windows service (make sure all Windows Norton services are stopped completely),run the uninstaller and that should work.

**IF (IF) the above fails to un-install Norton as required (ie.completely), go back to Symantecs website and have a search (look for) their removal tool. Its a small tool that is free and you download it too your HDD then run it, it might ask which product you want to uninstall, then it run a process that helps you complete the removal of the program. Yes! its very annoying to have to do this but thats Symantec & Norton for you, it wouldnt matter so much normally but Symantec dont do themselves any favours bye us having too do this. They havent made removal of the software very user friendly I have to say.

Hope this helps,Ivan
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