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Norton installation help

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Registered: 07-08-2007

Norton installation help

I have bought NSW Premier 2005 and had no problems installing it, but I then tried to install Norton Internet Security 2005 but I keep getting a notice saying " I have another variant of Norton Anti Virus on my computer" I obviously have because one comes with NSW, which cannot be removed.
Anyone got any ideas how to rectify this as the Symantec website although gives a fix for this it doesn't work.


Norton installation help

Hello Tynesider,

OK I use Norton Anti Virus 2002 and from past experience what symantec DONT tell you is what a total pain in "the you know what" removal or repair or re-installation of Norton AV products are. I also fell foul of this catch in the software and if my memory serves me I had to download a special tool (which I still have a copy of) which then allowed me to finally remove the program and re-install it from scratch.

**What I do suggest is that you diconnection you machine from any internet or network connects first before doing what I suggest next. First of all uninstall both of your symantec products (if you can,let me know if you hit problems doing that?), once you have uninstalled both programs, make sure you re-boot your machine. Next once the machine has been re-booted, 1) re-install your Norton Security suite and if all goes to plan it wont detect any other norton products on your machine. 2) Now re-install Norton Anti Virus product and this should install fine without any hitches and if all goes according to what I would expect Norton Security suite will then detect Norton AV product. Have a go at that and let me know what happens.

**You might need to run the norton live update after re-installation and it might possibly require re-registering and re-setting the update service subscription which if you have already paid for it, might mean that symantec support might need to reset the date when the service expires,etc. Which inloves a phone call.