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Nokia IP55 Firewall

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Nokia IP55 Firewall

Hi I just purchased a Nokia IP55 router/modem thingy, I managed to (eventually) set it all up, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the firewall on it working.

It uses a "Check Point" firewall, and I've been looking on that site, but I cant seem to find any straightforward information on the router, and I really dont want to start up a firewall and accidently lock myself out of the router with no internet access, cause that would be silly, and something I'm likely to do Shockedops:

Anyhow, does anyone know how to configure the IP55's firewall or what it means when it asks:

The local WAN IP address(firewall gateway) should be configured with a static IP address.

Would you like to configure the local WAN IP address now?

I mean, isnt a local WAN IP an oxymoron?