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Nikon Coolpix and SD Card!


Nikon Coolpix and SD Card!


Can any digital camera techies help me, just bought a 128MB Sandisk SD Card and been using quite happily in my Nikon Coolpix 3200.

Recently it keeps asking me to format the damn card sometime's I'll get 7 pictures and get prompted then I lose all my pics as the camera won't work once it gets into "Format the card mode" sometimes I can take loads of pics but then get a format option when I plug into the PC ARGH!!!!

Even after formats it starts playing up again,. it still plays up!

Thankfully my camera has a small amount of internal memory so Im using that but 14MB can only go so far!

Think I might buy a decent card but I thought Sandisk were quite good!

Thanks for the much help,

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Nikon Coolpix and SD Card!

SanDisk are, well, mediocre - they're a big name in memory cards, but from browsing various PDA/digital camera forums it's evident that SanDisk ones do tend to be faulty more often than others.

Nevertheless, if it is faulty, you will be able to get it changed. I would however suggest trying a different card (maybe a friend's or something) to see if it is the card at fault - while it is most likely to be the card, we cannot rule out the possibility of it being a problem with the camera.