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News Server Download Speed


News Server Download Speed

Why is it that I can only download at 13ish kb/sec from the news server when I'm on a 2meg connection?

News Server Download Speed

same here bud ...

I have posted about it all over the forum, and D Tomlinson keeps replying, making out I am wrong to do so ... well, do not listen to that crap,b ud .. he does afterall run the company ..

I guarantee you it is wrong, I have contacted ISPa, and trhen you goota complain to F9, and then, finally, Ofcom .. they say I have a very good case against .. so obviously, you will too ..

leave them, bud .. complain first, so you can sue.. then just leave when it is underway ..

sorry Mr T , you screwed us, our turn, now ..

Originally Posted by Plusnet letter to high bandwidth users
If you continue to use your service unsustainably we will apply a managed usage profile to your connection and will strictly apply a 30:1 PlusNet contention ratio. For a 2Mb customer this could result in a throughput of around 67Kbps. This will result in your current unsustainable usage not adversely affecting our other customers and the broadband network.

See that sort of thing winds me up, because its rubbish thats not a 2Mb 30:1 contended service, once they put that profile management in to place it becomes a 67Kb 1:1 contended service.

Blatant bulls&*t .. that really is a fact, no matter what F9, technical support say .. ( i think perhaps technical support consists of a bunch of kids , with CLAIT certificates .. :/)

Good Luck barroch

l8r .. ;>

News Server Download Speed

That is true, but the other option of enforcement is to completely cut you off after you have used 690MB in a day.... Therefore you will have had your share of a 2mbit connection at the speed you expect, but of course not allow you any more packets until the next day.

News Server Download Speed

So let me get this straight.....I'm payin 14.99 for a 2meg connection and the best speed I can download is at 13k/s! Why did I ever change from fu**ing dialup!!!

Surely there must be something I can do to speed it up! You aint windin me up are ya?


News Server Download Speed

Hi barroch,

My post wasnt aimed at you so I apologise if you thought it was.

If you are on broadband plus then your connection heavily hinders (shapes I think is the correct word :?) peer-to-peer and newsgroup usage, especially so in the daytime up to around midnight which is the peak time.
"With Broadband Plus you can use any type of Internet services you want. In order to ensure we deliver a high level of service, during busy periods we will give priority to services such as web browsing and email and a lower priority to high usage services such as downloading and file sharing."

If you are on broadband pay-as-you-go (or broadband premier, but thats £21.99/month so I know you arent on that) then you should get decent speeds at all times and I'd raise a ticket if you arent.

Hope that helps.