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News Groups


News Groups


Is it possoble that someone could help me?

I am trying to download from the news groups using News Bin Pro, however it seems that no matter what group i search every post shows as incomplete?

Is this a general problem that everyone is experiencing or is there some way around it that i have simply not explored.

I have attempted to call tech support but quite frankly they do not seem to care about any problems you experience once you have signed up for 12 months.

I am open to any suggestions and welcome your feedback.

Kind Regards
Shaun Wilson


Does it work with newsgroup servers other that force 9?

I have no problems with the newsgroups, but i use outlook express.

Just had a look at a News Bin Pro information and improvents page, there seems to be lots of way of showing complete and incomplete messages. Pehraps there is a settting within the program that you need to change, perhaps you are only setting it to download the first 30 or so charactors? Are the msesages the same length?

Best of luck.