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Newbie - HELP required!!!


Newbie - HELP required!!!

I have just been set up for 2mb Premier broadband
I am using a draytek Vigor 2600vg router (2 friends use them with perfect reliability - that is why I bought it)
As far as I (we) can tell the router is working fine
I have line attenuation figures of around 20 and signal to noise overhead of 24db (up to 30db if i connect direct to BT test socket in master BTsocket)

Problem is this - initial couple of days when first set up I saw download speeds of 220 -230 kb/s -fine .
Two days ago something changed - since then and currently I am getting 10 - 20 kb/s download speeds - I am simply on the net - not doing anything unusual.

I have checked and double checked everything I can think of here using two different computers and both wired and wireless mode on the router.
The broadband fault checker is not any help as it goes round in circles telling me the exchange is heavily contended - I tried at 3am and still have the same problem! surely the exchange could not be contended to that degree at 3am??

Last night it was so slow that I could not even open the BT speed checker page. (does this suggest a BT line problem?)

Anyone techie on here have any ideas - I was (much) better off with dialup!!!!


Newbie - HELP required!!!

Hi GB,

Have you tried resetting the router itself, power it off and then power it back up. Let it re-sync the line with the phone exchange and see if that helps?


Newbie - HELP required!!!

When I first joined F9 on a 1mb connection I had a great 1st week. However into the second week the performance on my connection degraded to such an extent that I was sometimes only getting 1-2 kbs. After a week of diagnosis and trying different PC, cabling, splitter and buying a cheap USB modem (Cheaper than £50 BT callout if problem is with my H\W) I had F9 place a call with BT. BT performed a few tests and found the problem was with the exchange.
I recommend you try to rule out all H\W your side including borrowing a router or USB modem if possible. Once you have determined that the fault is not with you, place a call through F9 who will after some basic tests may place a call with BT.

Newbie - HELP required!!!

Hello Again Balfour312,

I dont know if this will help or not? as I have never tried this but F9 PlusNet have added a new tool to the portal for members. You might be able to check your own ADSL line for faults. I was told this tool runs a series of whoosh tests on your phone line to determine if there is or isnt a problem? This might be worth a try as I dont think you have much to loose at this point of the problem. (enlose a link to the tool for you see below). Yes! dont rule out a BT problem either with the exchange or equipment at BT's side of things this is quite possible.


Newbie - HELP required!!!

Thanks guys for all the suggestions.

I think I have now pretty well ruled out any problem at my end.
I have the same lack of speed with three different computers, in either wired or wireless operation of the router and using the BT master test socket instead of my normal connection point.
I assume I can rule out an F9 specific problem since I cannot log on to BTs test server either - so it does look more and more like an exchange issue.

I have not made any more progress this weekend as one of my mates has been testing my router over the weekend on his connection.
All is operating as normal (he uses same router and all speeds / readings are exactly the same as his own setup), so it does not look like a router problem.

I will get my router back today and get it set it up again tonight after work. If the problem persists this evening, I will then follow up on the BT line / exchange problem with F9.

Thanks again for the replies - I will keep you informed of progress


Newbie - HELP required!!!

Well guys - here is the latest in the saga:

After a couple of days of perfectly normal performance when first installed , I am still getting ridiculously slow (or no) speeds (as low as 3kbits/s!!) - all the time - on a 2 meg package whatever time of day or night.
Strangely it appears to be only download speed - upload speeds are looking fairly normal - and are significantly higher than download speedHuh

I called Support and explained my problems (or so I thought)

Having exhaustively tested and retested everything my end - I thought it would be a simple matter of support making a couple of checks and then contacting BT to sort out problem.

But basically my speed isues were not looked at because support assumed that because my logs showed intermittent connection that my problem was intermittent connection.
Well my connection would be intermittent if I was trying 3 different computers / 2 different connection points/ with / witout filters / endless router reboots etc wouldn't it??

So my first ticket was closed out with no action taken because support observed a 19 hour uptime and whoosh test showed acceptable line S/N and loop loss.
(I could have told them that as I spend most of the time staring at my router status display - there is not much else I can do at these speeds!)

So I had to stay up till 1:30 am again last night to speak to support and try to emphasise that the problem is speed and not connection dropout.
But I see that the ticket has been assigned *internal* again which i guess means that they still will not talk to BT <sigh>.

I await their findings with bated breath

The most irritating thing about this whole issue is that the new PC and 2meg broadband was supposed to be a christmas present for my sons - does not look like likely that Santa is going to be able to deliver this year!!!!


Newbie - HELP required!!!

Oh deja vue. Prepare yourself for a long wait......

It took me 4 weeks and 3 separate tickets to get a similar type of problem fixed. Don't bother telling them all the hardware tests you've done, router line stats, the fact it was fine a week ago - it won't speed up resolution and simply wastes more of your time....

Good luck.

Newbie - HELP required!!!


Dont Talk to me about BT faults!! I've still got a pain in my diodes ever since the last time!! :lol: :lol: And I'm still recovering.

Newbie - HELP required!!!

Yes, I am beginning to realise that all the effort I have put in to try to help identify the cause of the problem was basically a waste of time.
It looks like the machinery has to grind into action at its own excruciatingly slow pace!!! :roll:

Support have at long last contacted BT
BT (I presume have done the same whoosh test ?) and came back to F9 24 hours later saying they can find no fault with the service
So - I went back to support and assured them that my current 4kbits/sec was not normal service - even on dialup!
Support have now bounced it back to BT - but this time emphasising it is a speed problem - YAHOO - only 10 days to get to where I wanted to be when I first contacted support.

Now it is wait on BT time again. :!: Evil

Have to say though that I have no major complaint with the F9 support guys.
They have their (BT imposed?) processes to go through, and Carl especially has been real helpful - it is just sooooo frustrating that things have to take so damn long!

Just have to grin and bear it I suppose
<goes off whistling "Always look on the bright side of life">


Have a good Xmas all you guys out there. Wink

Newbie - HELP required!!!

As I'm sure you all like a good epic yarn, here is the latest episode in my story.

Broadband went live 10th December
Set all equipment up 12th December and all was fine for 2 whole days!.

Since then have had less than 30k bits/sec (sometimes as low as 3!!) download speeds - but normal upload speeds.
Speeds are so low I can't now get an "official" BT speed check completed as the sessions time out!

See above posts for details up to 22nd December.

After bouncing fault back to F9 / BT on 22nd Dec.

Was informed on 26th that BT had been experiencing am MSO (Major Service OutageHuh) with their Core and that it should be OK now.
NO IT ******* IS NOT!

SO - Immediately went back again to F9 who stated they would bounce it back to BT on 26th.
Waited the 72 hours for BT update - nothing - so called support on 29th December - still waiting on BT according to F9 support.

Although mysteriously a note appeared on my open ticket - dated 29th - stating fault reassigned to BT - just after I called in.
I wonder when the fault was actually reassigned to BT - on 26th or after I had called for an update on 29th?

Message back on ticket 4th January saying BT had identified a "Common Core Network fault" which should be resolved 6th January (Does this sound familiar?)

I'm not holding my breath! :roll:

Happy New Year!


Newbie - HELP required!!!

Good luck for tomorrow. Im pleased a fault has now been indentified. This is at least a step in the right direction to getting the matter fixed.

After BT sorted my connection problem. "Touch wood" its been OK since then.